Friday Favorites: Workout Edition

Friday Favorites: Workout Edition

Happy Friday! Any big plans for this weekend? I’m up in the North Carolina mountains for a long weekend getaway.  It’ll be nice to step away from the computer screens and go off the grid for a little bit.  We’re planning on taking a yoga class on top of a ski mountain and eating great food at the local restaurants!

If you’re in a workout slump or just want to mix it up, I totally get it.  Even runners want to mix it up every now and again!  Whether you want to squeeze in a ten minute workout or escape the gym for a few days, I found some great workouts for you to try this weekend:

Pop Pilates: Intense Ab Workout

If you’re looking for a quick video workout, this one is perfect.  Let me warn you though, it’s not easy.  My friends and I used to do this video together when we didn’t have time for a full workout, and man did we sweat!  Even though it’s only ten minutes, your abs will be on fire.  Check out the blogilates YouTube channel. She’s got so many great videos to choose from!

30 Minute Living Room Workout

If your goal is to chill at home this weekend, try this workout. It’s got everything covered: legs, arms, butt, core, chest and a bit of cardio thrown in.  The best part? There’s no need for equipment!  Instead of going to a gym, just do this in your living room or outside on a nice day.

Rainy Day Home Workout

Since the forecast calls for bad weather in North Carolina (booo), I thought I would share this workout with you all.  If you’ve read Jen’s blog, you know her workouts are no joke.  This one can be done at home too since it doesn’t require any equipment. You’ll feel the burn by the end of this one!

15 High-Intensity Workouts

Still want more options? Here’s a giant list of great workouts you can do pretty much anywhere.  A lot of these workouts include burpees, squats or push ups (or all three) so if you’re looking for a great strength workout, check out one of these!

Have a great weekend and happy sweating!

What are some of your favorite weekend workouts?

What’s your solution when you’re in a workout slump?

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