How to Make Running Your Friend

Hey everyone!

I’m going to let you in on a big secret: Sometimes, I don’t enjoy running.  Actually, it’s a little more than sometimes.  It’s more like half the time.  Even though I’ve been running 5ks for 10+ years, there are days when I literally have to drag myself out the door.  Ugh.  Don’t you just hate that feeling?

Well, over the years I’ve learned some mind tricks to help make running a little more bearable.  Running doesn’t have to be your best friend, but it can be more like a sister who you hate and love at the same time!

Don’t set expectations.

Saying things like, "I have to run 6 miles today" or "I have to go at this pace during my entire run" will most likely set you up for failure.  Your body is constantly changing everyday, so some runs may feel harder than others.  I find that when I just go with how my body feels, I end up with a good run and a confident attitude.

Grab a running buddy.

This is probably the most helpful tip I have.  When I run with teammates and friends, my runs are significantly easier and they go by so much quicker. Seriously, it’s like magic. Once you get talking, you’ll be done in no time.  If you want to increase your pace, it’s also a good idea to run with people who are a little bit faster than you. 

Me and one of my favorite running buddies!

Make a killer playlist.

When I’m running by myself (like right now during summer training), music distracts me from the pain or tiredness I feel in my body.  I have about 600 playlists on my phone and love to change up my song selections. I mostly listen to upbeat pop, rap and occasionally classic rock.  Let me know if you want me to post a running playlist on here!

Mix it up.

Running the same loop at the same pace everyday is super boring.  Search online for running trails near by.  I love doing trail runs because of the beautiful scenery and shaded paths.  It definitely beats the hot sidewalk. You could also try incorporating a few 30” to 60" speed intervals.  Not only do they break up the run, but they also get your heart rate going and increase your speed. Win, win!

A post-run breakfast makes it all worth it- veggie & ham omelet, turkey bacon and pumpkin apple bread

How do you make running more bearable?

I’d love to hear from you!

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2 thoughts on “How to Make Running Your Friend

  1. These are awesome tips! I also really do not enjoy running a lot of the time and I’m on my 4th half marathon after my first marathon… Just because we run does not mean it’s always great! People ask me all the time how I love running so much, and I’m usually like, well.. I don’t! lol. It makes no sense to them.

    I often look foward to breakfast or a meal after the fact. I really should look into some new routes. I’m such a creature of habit!


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